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Mar 31, 2022

Open Source StackRox Is Now Available

By: Michael Foster

Today, we are excited to announce StackRox as an open source project. The Kubernetes and container security community can directly use and contribute to the codebase of StackRox on Github.

In 2021, Red Hat acquired StackRox and the first Kubernetes-native security platform with an innovative approach to container security. Last year we committed to supporting the open source community, enabling developer and security teams to deliver more secure applications faster. With StackRox, organizations will be able to solve their Kubernetes security challenges, including:

  • Automating DevSecOps
  • Shift security left
  • Operationalizing full life cycle application security in Kubernetes
  • Overcome the challenges of Kubernetes security

StackRox’s Kubernetes-native architecture will enable teams to harden their applications across their cloud and on-premise environments and accomplish this in a transparent, collaborative manner. With the recent breaches and supply chain exploits over the past year, we see StackRox as a way to help communities harden their application and take an end-to-end zero-trust approach to Kubernetes. Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security will continue to innovate as the enterprise-ready version of the StackRox project for all of your Kubernetes security needs.

How to get started

We recommend following the RSS feed, joining the engineering meetings (by subscribing to the calendar), and participating in the monthly office hours to learn more.

The StackRox source code is available on GitHub to use and consume. Please see the GitHub repository for information regarding deploying open source StackRox into your Kubernetes clusters. Star and watch the repository so you can get updates on future changes.


The StackRox documentation is freely available in the application’s user interface or from the Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security documentation to learn how to manage the application.

Container Images

The StackRox container images reside in and are free to use and pull as you need.

Contact Information

StackRox has multiple mediums to contact us and ask questions. The CNCF slack channel (#stackrox) is the easiest and quickest way to get help and discuss StackRox topics and features. You can email StackRox at for more in-depth questions about the project’s future meetings.