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May 4, 2021

Welcome to and the StackRox community

By: Michael Foster

Over the last several years, StackRox has been paving the way for securing containers and Kubernetes environments with our Kubernetes-native security solution. Our team understands the growing need for security tools that enable DevOps teams to protect both Kubernetes, which is rapidly being adopted as the foundational platform for modern infrastructure, and the applications that run on it. Earlier this year, Red Hat acquired StackRox to strengthen customers’ ability to build, deploy and run applications more securely across the open hybrid cloud.

StackRox has always believed that community engagement and contribution lead to more secure and stable software, and a commitment to open source is at the core of Red Hat’s business model. Today, Red Hat reiterated its commitment to working toward open sourcing StackRox software with the launch of the StackRox community and future StackRox project. The StackRox project will include the code that powers Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes (formerly the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform).

Open source projects

The StackRox project will be the second open source project from the StackRox team, with KubeLinter being the first one released in 2020. We announced KubeLinter at KubeCon last year and applied a Kubernetes-native approach to help teams statically analyze their Kubernetes YAML files and Helm charts. If you are interested in learning more, the project’s lead developer, Viswajith Venugopal, has showcased the project at KubeCon last year and on our YouTube channel.

Office Hours

A large part of our community focuses on providing opportunities to share knowledge and resources about cloud native open source projects and solutions. Office Hours are one way to achieve this. We have recently had office hours on eBPF and look forward to doing many more based on the interesting community-sourced topics. You can always stay up-to-date on existing sessions from our YouTube channel.


Blogs are another way that we are helping the community navigate the world of Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies. We welcome users to share their experiences with Kubernetes security and related topics on our blog. There are many blogs already posted that are intended to help you learn more about securing Kubernetes environments on various cloud providers, including Elastic Kubernetes Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Google Kubernetes Engine.

If you want to contribute a blog post or discuss a specific topic, email us at

Moving forward

We are so excited to create a new community focused on cloud-native security. Your feedback and engagement are essential for the StackRox community and its future project to be successful. We will continue to provide updates as we make progress towards fully open sourcing StackRox.

For more information, or to get in touch with us, reach out to